Sports Therapy

Ann Duffy of Duffy and Bracken Physical Therapy

Our team has extensive experience in athletic rehabilitation and sports training.

Our philosophy: “PREHAB” – analysis/evaluation to prevent the injury – before you get hurt

Performance Packages

  • Sports Performance Analysis
    The Performance Analysis & Enhancement program is a comprehensive evaluation that discovers unseen imbalances and weakness allowing the athlete to gain explosiveness.
  • Functional Movement Screen
    The Functional Movement Screen is an innovative tool for the purpose of elevating movement patterns. The FMS is used to solve chronic pain issues during movement and learn better techniques to perform your daily activities.
  • Fitness Evaluation
    Get a snapshot of your health. This evaluation will test body fat, cardiac and muscle endurance, flexibility and power. Plus design realistic health goals to help you look and feel good. It’s your 401K plan for life!
  • Happy Feet
    The foot is the body’s only point of contact with the ground and its position affects the entire body. Happy Feet is a program that allows you to find out if your shoes are working for you and your particular feet.