Staff Profile

Bhavti Soni


Bhavti Soni graduated with her Bachelors in Physical Therapy and went on to pursue her Masters in Exercise and Sports Science from Ithaca College. She has eight years of experience with a diverse patient population and in multiple settings. She takes pride in offering the best of care to every patient. She finds great satisfaction in helping her patients regain their ability to function at home, work or in recreational activities.

Bhavti is passionate about Pelvic Floor physical therapy and is trained by Herman and Wallace institute. Her dedication led her to devote her weekends to the Herman and Wallace Institute of Pelvic health serving as a teaching assistant. She is currently completing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy with a concentration in Pelvic Health.

Throughout her career, she has worked in multiple settings such as out-patient orthopedics, hospitals, nursing homes and gym-based. She has been trained in the McKenzie approach, Maitland, Pilates for pelvic floor, Yoga and uses treatment approaches like Trigger point release, muscle energy techniques, Positional Release technique and Kinesio-taping to name a few. Bhavti has continued to enrich her clinical skills and knowledge by attending courses with a specific focus on pelvic health. She believes in evidence based practice and keeps up with the latest research papers and new treatment techniques. Her future goals include the development of evidence based innovative programs to engage the diverse population at Duffy & Bracken.

She is a native of New Jersey and is active in developing a pre and post-natal program with the local gyms for her community. In her spare time she enjoys painting, biking and baking. She enjoys impromptu weekend trips where she likes to explore new places with her husband.