Staff Profile

Nidhi Sharma


Nidhi Sharma received her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 2006 and Masters of Science in Kinesiology in 2009. For the past 10 years, she has worked in outpatient and hospital settings with a diverse population of patients with varying injuries and conditions. With her background in kinesiology, she believes in performing movement based bio-mechanical analysis of dysfunction to reach the underlying pathology, rather than just treat for the presenting symptoms.

Over the years, Nidhi has furthered her skills through many professional education courses and is formally trained in Maitland Approach, Mulligans Concept, Active Release Techniques and Trigger Point Therapy. She has also been trained extensively in Functional Manual Therapy protocol as taught by Institute Of Physical Art. Using this approach, she performs functional evaluation considering the whole body as an intricate and connected system. She continues to dedicate her time and efforts to her continued education as well as keeps updated with recent research, in order to provide the best possible care to her patients.

Nidhi is also a vestibular rehabilitation specialist and has been treating patients with dizziness and balance problems for over 4 years. She has completed an advanced certification in vestibular rehabilitation, recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association, from University of Pittsburgh. Since joining Duffy & Bracken, Nidhi has undergone one-on-one training with pelvic floor specialist and owner, Ann Duffy, to expand her knowledge in pelvic floor treatment, an area of physical therapy in which she holds a special interest.

Nidhi not only strives to improve her patient’s function and quality of life but also makes continuous efforts to educate her patients about their condition and ongoing treatment. She firmly believes that an educated patient is an empowered patient, and is much less prone to future injury. With her passion for dance, Nidhi has an abiding love for movement. In her free time, she learns various forms of dances. She has been trained in, Indian Classical, Irish Tap dancing for a few years and attends Ballet classes at this time.