How Can We Strengthen Our Gravity Muscles?

Gravity is a powerful force that is able to keep all the planets in orbit with the sun, and the moon in orbit with the earth. It also helps us here on the earth to keep our feet on the ground. Its force is constant and dependable and never changes as time passes. However, what does change over the course of time are our bodies. As our bodies encounter the many changes in life, its relationship with gravity can also change. From birth, our bodies start to adjust to gravity’s effect. We begin to sit up, then crawl, walk, run and jump, all against the force of gravity. Our muscles and joints adjust and strengthen against this powerful force. We see the reverse effect when astronauts return from spending time at the international space station. The muscles that helped them when they were on the earth to deal with the force of gravity become weak from lack of use, and they then find it difficult to get up and walk. The same is often true for those who have been bedridden for some time.

The gravitational pull that our bodies are forced to work against ultimately helps keep the muscles from deteriorating. Modern technology and current lifestyles have an impact on the strength of our “gravity” muscles. Sitting comfortably in front of T.V.’s, computer screens, and mobile phones more often, means we are simulating a “gravity less” environment. The muscles that support our spine and core then become weaker, creating more problems in the muscular-skeletal system. The weaker the muscular system becomes, the easier it is to get an injury from simple tasks like walking, running or jumping.

We go through another change during the aging process. As we get older our ligaments lose their suppleness and our joints degenerate. All these changes occur whilst gravity stays the same.

Physical Therapist Dr. Ann Duffy demonstrating Gravity Muscle System Exercises - Downtown Manhattan NYC
Dr. Ann Duffy Demonstrating sitting exercise -Physical Therapy Downtown Manhattan NYC
Closeup of Dr. Duffy demonstrating Gravity Muscle System Physical Therapy, Downtown Manhattan NYC

How Can We Strengthen Our Gravity Muscles?

To help combat the force of gravity, the physiotherapists at Duffy and Bracken have two gravity programs that they offer to their patients- Gravity Fit and Gravity Training System (GTS). Your hands and corrective exercises provide the ability to align yourself with the force of Gravity. Exercises and rehabilitation from these two programs strengthen the muscles needed to maintain a healthy relationship between gravity and the body’s movement, combating the adverse forces of a sedentary lifestyle. If you think you can benefit from these two programs then contact the physiotherapists at Duffy and Bracken to make an appointment now. They will be happy to help you on your way to successfully combat the forces of gravity!


What is the Gravity Training System?

The Gravity Training System (GTS) is used by many fitness clubs throughout the world to perform high-intensity muscular endurance exercises with the added advantage of providing a time-efficient, full-body workout in “anti-gravity” positions. For those unfamiliar with the GTS, the system works similarly to the Total Gym used by Chuck Norris that has been seen advertised on the television. The system works by using your own body weight on a glide board with an adjustable incline. The exercises are then performed using a dynamic pulley system to perform the strength training exercises. 

The incline on the machine is designed to reduce the full resistance of the bodyweight of the user. This helps reduce stress on the joints and makes it ideal for those who are rehabilitating muscle strength. As an example, someone who weighs 200lbs and working at level 6 (21 degrees), will be moving 40% of their body weight, or 81lbs. If the user performs the exercise with the pulley system then the resistance will be cut in half. 

Using the free motion pulley/cable system the user can perform over 150 different exercises and variations. Those performing upper body exercises using the pulley system can do so with a free range of motion. This aids in the development of a greater free range of motion and strength throughout that range in your joints.

The GTS is designed to optimize training sessions, targeting many muscle groups in a short period of time. Many exercises can be performed without making adjustments to your body position on the glide board. 

The qualified physiotherapists at Duffy and Bracken can help guide you through the use of the exercise machine to help you target the specific muscle groups needed in rehabilitation. 

What is Gravity Fit?

Gravity Fit is a system that has developed many tools to help you perform exercise that stimulates the effect of gravity on the body through light resistance work. The exercises are designed to target and activate deep muscles of the body. This helps to strengthen the core, restore stability of the joints and spine, improve balance, recover more efficiently from injury and enable pain-free movement.

What are the Gravity Muscles?

Gravity Muscles are the ones that hold us up against gravity, stabilize our bodies, protect our joints from injury and keep our bones strong. These muscles are found deep inside our bodies, controlling the spine and joints, they behave like a group of large rubber bands. Sensors receptor inside our joints and spine detect the level of gravity that’s exerted on them and send signals to the brain to increase the tone or strength of these muscles. As the muscles strengthen, the brain then sends signals to increase bone strength.

What are the Benefits of Core Training?

There are many benefits to be gained by improving core strength. It tightens the abdominal and back structures involved in movement and improves the transfer of power to and from the extremities. It can also help train the muscles to work together effectively and efficiently. Those who perform core strengthening exercises are less likely to incur an injury as their bodies will be more effective in distributing weight and absorbing and transferring forces. Using the Gravity Fit and Gravity Training System are effective ways of targeting the core muscles and the muscles surrounding the joints developing a good relationship between the body and gravity.

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