Tele PT

Physical Therapists are movement specialists and can help you through assessing your movement and symptoms over TelePT and give you techniques that you can do at home to reduce the pain and improve the movement through specifically prescribed exercises and self-treatment. Our PTs treat musculoskeletal and pelvic floor issues.

Assessment will consist of 

  1. Current history of the injury or pain
  2. History of the movements that make pain better or worse helps us to know whether pain is coming from stiffness, inflammation or directional movement, e.g. bending forward aggravates, while bending backward relieves pain or pain with intercourse. 
  3.  Pain description, location & past injuries give more information about the pain
  4. Past medical history and activities add to the story.
  5. Examine active range of motion and note any stiffness, abnormal substitution, or weakness.
  6. For pelvic issues, review bowel, bladder, sexual, dietary, pre and post-natal and other related history as applicable
  7. Evaluate gait and special tests and movements such as standing on one leg, squat, or shoulder impingement tests to name a few.
  8. Evaluate sitting at a desk, standing, and required movements and make recommendations for posture and ergonomics. 
  9. Give techniques that can reduce the pain such as trigger point pressure, repeated movements, or positional traction. 
  10. Teach exercises to improve range of motion, strength, posture, balance, endurance, and movement to reduce pain and prevent reoccurrences. 
  11. Send exercise videos and instructions as needed
  12. Send links to helpful sites as needed

Recommendation for a good TelePT experience. 

  1. Available smartphone, computer, or tablet with a camera.   Having an adjustable stand or being able to prop up or move the device so that your entire body can be seen when standing and walking and you can be seen on the floor or mat doing exercise. 
  2. Wireless earphones are helpful for moving around but not necessary as you can place the device close enough to use the microphone
  3. Good Internet connection.
  4.  Privacy (you won’t want to do this on the street or in a room where you will be interrupted). 
  5. What to wear? Wear clothing that exposes the area of the body we are evaluating e.g. Shorts for lower extremity & low back. The shorts should be short enough to expose the knee. To evaluate the neck, back & upper extremity, men can wear a T-shirt that they can take off if necessary.  Women can wear a camisole or bathing suit top. 

Note: Physical Therapists have effectively helped family and friends through this method in the past and now Covid-19 makes it necessary to make TelePT available to help patients who are unable to come into the office.

You can make an appointment at or call us at 646-290-9560