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I went in with a dislocated coccyx and over a span of a few months Dr. Duffy healed it! She is a wonderful individual, very caring and works with you. I’d recommend no one but her for any pelvic related issues. I have been pain free for over two years now. Awesome team as well!!!!! Keep up the wonderful work you all do! You’re truly amazing! And THANK YOU for healing me 🙂

Meischa Z.

I’ve been coming here for all my PT needs since about 2012 or 2013. I’ve been successfully treated for vulvodynia (after the birth of my daughter), runner’s knee, shin splints, hip issues, and I’ll be going back for plantar fasciitis in a week or so (I’m a distance runner if you couldn’t guess), so I figured it was high time to write a review. Every problem was thoroughly solved, even if I was skeptical about whether or not the exercises would work. The therapists are very passionate and knowledgeable about all they do, and it shows! They walk you through what needs to be done, and more importantly why and how it works! Just be sure to do your exercises, and you WILL get better. So far, no matter how hopeless I felt about my pain, they always helped me achieve miracles in recovery. Though it’s kind of a trek for me, coming all the way from Queens, I will always come here for help! They’re that good!


Awesome. Rehabbed both rotator cuff surgeries and herniated disc with sciatica. Staff is great. Can’t say enough good things about the place.


Kind, brilliant physiotherapists and educators. Have helped me through various problems and never come back for the same problem twice. Education and exercises have kept me healthy and pain free. You will become a fan!


I have been suffering with Vertigo for 3 months. During the 3 months I was going to an ENT for treatment, and nothing helped. I was referred to Duffy & Bracken. I went to 1 session with Nidhi and the vertigo went away. Truly amazing!!!


This physical therapy office is great. The therapist fixed my back that had been so uncomfortable for months. She knew exactly how to loosen up the frozen muscles and get me back into feeling good fast! And they have GTS machines which are the best and easiest machines for getting strength back after an injury. The instructor is very knowledgeable and she leads many classes throughout the week so it is easy to get a regular schedule going. Thanks to Duffy & Bracken I am feeling strong and healthy and energized to keep getting better!


My experience here was fantastic. The staff is excellent–really kind, attentive, and super-knowledgeable. My health improved 100% after treatment. I can’t recommend them highly enough


My six-week treatment from Ann Duffy gave me tremendous relief from pain. The treatments I have received are most helpful, courteous and professional. Thank you! All of you!

Helen Wong

Excellent therapy. No more pain when I reach out or throw something. Thank you Renuka


I’m very pleased with results of my pelvic floor therapy. Within a couple of weeks I was no longer experiencing urinary incontinence.


Fantastic and much improved! I went from daily, distracting pain to minor irritation.